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Adam D. – Flowers Field Homeowner


I love my five bedroom Sinclair home and I recommend Liberty Communities at Liberty Square Park in Hampton, GA to everyone. Thanks for all you do.

Tawana B. – Liberty Square Park Homeowner


Thanks for caring so much. Liberty Communities is awesome and we are glad that we bought from Liberty. I can’t wait to move in.

Kenson R. – Future Liberty Square Park Homeowner


We definitely rate Liberty Communities a 10 out of 10 and we recommend you to all of our friends.

Shuwanda and Anthony – Liberty Square Park Homeowners


Thank you for your support. We are excited to be picking out our new lot for our new Lanier ranch home at Liberty Square Park by Liberty Communities in Hampton, Georgia. Thank you to Liberty Communities for your patience and kindness with us.

Tab and Deb L. – Future Liberty Square Park Homeowners


We absolutely recommend Liberty Communities to all of our friends. Amelia and I had looked and looked everywhere and were very stressed. We mentioned to each other that we felt more at home with Liberty Communities in Hampton, GA. We are very happy and pleased to be part of the neighborhood.

Paul H. – Liberty Square Park Homeowner


I will sure recommend Liberty Communities to everyone! I love my new home and Liberty Communities.

Tavara M. – Liberty Square Park Homeowner


I most definitely recommend Liberty Communities and my new home in Hampton to everyone.

Melvin C. – Liberty Square Park Homeowner


I love my new home and Liberty Communities here in Hampton, GA.

Sue H. – Liberty Square Park Homeowner


When I met Walter with Liberty Communities and looked at your model home, I told my wife that when we buy a new home in Georgia it will be from Liberty Communities… and we did!! Thanks!

Shawn M. – Liberty Square Park Homeowner


I love my Home! Thank you!! Merry Christmas, Dear Friends at Liberty Communities in Hampton.

Lynn N – Liberty Square Park Homeowner


We recommend Liberty Communities to others, and rating you on a 1-10 scale with 10 being the highest me and my daughter will give you 100. We love the care that Liberty Communities and your personnel provide.

Tammy A. Liberty Square Park Homeowner


Everybody that we dealt with has been phenomenal! I definitely recommend Liberty Communities!

Ashley J. – Liberty Square Park Homeowner


Liberty Communities’ care and representation has been great and very helpful. I would recommend my four bedroom Oconee Liberty Home in Hampton, Georgia to all of my friends! Liberty Communities cares for their homeowners.

Ezekial J. – Liberty Square Park Homeowner


We love this house! It is fabulous! Thanks for a well laid out plan and very good construction.

Denzil R. – Musick Park Homeowner