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Welcome Home

Welcome Home

Warranty Requests

Our job doesn’t end at closing when we hand over the keys. We will continue to guide you and help you understand the Warranty you receive with your new home. If you have questions or need assistance, contact the Warranty Team at 888-433-2220.

Warranty requests can be
submitted online:

24 hours a day
7 days a week | 365 days a year


Enjoy tips and video guides to help you maintain and protect your new home.

Seasonal Maintenance Guides

Owning and caring for your new home is a big responsibility. Enjoy these Seasonal Guides to help you maintain and protect your new home year-round.

Fall Maintenance

Winter Maintenance

Spring Maintenance

Summer Maintenance

Have Confidence in your Liberty Home

Have Confidence in your Liberty Home

Every Liberty Home undergoes a thorough Quality Assurance Inspection to make sure everything is functioning property before you get to closing day. At your Homeowner Orientation, we will be sure you understand how everything in your new home operates.

Ever wonder why you are not provided a Warranty through an outside company with your new Liberty Home? Get the inside scoop from Clark Howard.